DEVELOPED and its uniquely diverse team of mixologists have been creating commercial recipes and oneshots for more than 7 years.  With our global reach through our social platforms, and videos, we're able to deliver our message of DIY mixing, while presenting our products to a worldwide audience.

Having partnered with FlavorJungle.com to create our flagship DINER Oneshot Line, we now can offer you the opportunity of having access to our USA based wholesale network and become an official reseller of our DINER Oneshot Line.


Mega Stuf

Our DINER Line consists of 5 highly popular profiles that deliver both quality and exceptional flavor at competitive prices.  In the near future, we will be expanding the line to offer an even greater variety of profiles.



We offer various bulk options for your convenience starting with our 30ml bottles in batches of 10.  These are fully labeled oneshots ready for retail.  Our 500ml and gallon options offer an even deeper discount for those that wish to rebottle our product.


Labeling Design

Free downloadable package to adapt our design to your bottles

Product Thumbnails

We provide ready to use images of each product for your website store

Web Graphics

Design resources in vectors and pictures for all your graphic needs


We promote our products every week in our social media, YouTube channel and website listing all of our resellers

Worldwide Network

With global brand recognition, our products provides you the benefit of consistency, familiarity, and quality


We will be adding to our lines in the near future, assuring exciting new flavors and profiles


FlavorJungle.com is a USA based company that manufactures, bottles, and distributes our DINER Line.  All DINER line wholesales go directly through FlavorJungle.com.

FlavorJungle offers shipping to many countries around the globe and with their courteous customer service, they can answer your questions to facilitate an equitable and smooth transaction.

To receive personalized wholesale pricing, shipping cost quotes, and access to our downloadable graphics package, go to FlavorJungle's Wholesale Inquiry site, or you may email the Director of Wholesale directly at FlavorJungle.com.