Trillionaire Shortbread

Why be a Millionaire when you can be a Trillionaire?. This is a recipe MaxSavage suggested based on a Miliionaire's Shortbread which is a shortbread cookie, layered with thick creamy caramel, and topped with a chocolate glaze. It was a bit bitter off the shake, but let it steep for a about a week and it transforms into a nice chewy caramel, with a soft cookie base, with hits of chocolate. Full recipe notes at .

This is a collaborative creation by DEVELOPED: NaChef, Max Savage, and Folkart.
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0.50FABavarian Cream
2.00FWCaramel Candy
0.50CAPDouble Chocolate V2
3.00WFShortbread Cookies SC
1.00CAPSuper Sweet
0.75TPAVanilla Custard 2

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