This is DEVELOPED's list of flavorings every DIY mixer should have in their stash! This is not a "these are the only flavorings you need" list. Rather, these flavoring are the best 100 flavorings we have tested and recommend to all DIY mixers.

It was quite difficult to pick just 10 from the major companies and only 20 from the "other" companies, and some mixers may have wished that their favorites were on the list. However, we believe these flavorings are a great beginner's flavors list that could be utilize to create various profiles and not be disappointed with the result.

If you would like to see how we came up with the lists, head over to DEVELOPED's YouTube channel and check out our videos.

You can also see where we buy our flavorings on our Supplies & Gear page.


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  1. David Reagan, aka Sonic Eccles and FL_Dave.

    This is really handy when shopping for flavors that I have missed in past orders. I watch all the related videos connected to this list. Thank you for uploading fun and informative videos.

  2. Nice list, looks like I need to do some more shopping.

    It’d be nice to see an extra section with your top 25 tobaccos from any company. (RY4D could stay where it is since it’s not really a tobacco flavor.)

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