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The Assignment


Every week DEVELOPED delivers content showing you how to create DIY recipes using flavorings available to mixers.  It can be quite difficult to create unique and tasty profiles every week, and that's why we're passing the baton to you!

The Assignment is a way for you to take what you've learned and create your own unique mixes.  About once a month, we'll hand you an assignment, during our podcast, based on a predetermined set of guidelines.  You can then create your recipe and post it on either All The Flavors, Vaping Community e-liquid Calculator, or  E-Liquid Recipes and tag the recipe name with the chosen assignment phrase.  We will then compile the list of these recipes and post them on Developeddiy.com.

During The Assignment podcast, we'll spotlight your recipes, mix some of them, and possibly even give something a little extra to the creator of the best recipe we mixed at the end of the podcast.

Depending on how many recipe entries we get, and the flavorings we have available, we may not be able to mix all of the recipes, but we will look at all of the entries and do our best to show the DEVELOPED fans what you have created.

To see all of the past assignments, go to The Assignment page.