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The Assignment – #TPACHALLENGE

This weeks Assignment was the #TPAChallenge.  The goal was to make an all TPA recipe and you didn't let us down!  This type of exercise is so helpful for many mixers due to the fact that in many countries it can be difficult to source flavors other than TPA, CAP, FA, and FW.

We received numerous entries by mixers from all over the world and now you can see what they've created.

A huge thank you to everyone for participating!

Check out the podcast where we highlighted these recipes at

Part 1 https://youtu.be/sUMXkRTM2fk

Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJLUiBG4mIc

All of the entries are listed below in no particular order:

Monkey Syrup by Mcbega6

Beanana Breakfast by Nick Ben Binding

TOC'S PB Puddin by Michelle Hughes

Monkey Crack by VenSyBoy

Strawberry Fruit Cup by Gordo

Basic Beeches by Freshepies

3-2-1 Cloud by Mist

ABC Gum by Rocky02852

Crème Caramel by Fee

Sub-Zero Meets Peach V4 by fede_U3

Sir Real's Surreal Cereal by Darthy

Solace by kontravention

Breakfast by Tho By

Berry Custard Cupcake by grfxman

Key Lime Pie by eyem2srus

PeePee B Custard by joe roots

Medium Laborers by LaJuanaPipa

Peanut Butter Banana Ry4 by Slushy

Banana Nut Cupcake by rug_ly

Candied Melons by Kontravention

Coffee Waffle by Frank lv3shf

Strega Cocktail by Frank lv3shf

Jacked Up by Nick Bean Binding

Creamy Threesome by Kontravention

Crazy Monkey by G3N0CID3

HELENA by elgatonegropremium

Ran Out of Lucky Shot by Daytimefrank

Banana P/B Cream Pie (Bubbles' Downfall) by Elvaperino

RY-44 Double Ds by s2k

Creamy Hazel RY4 by Dibbler

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