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The Assignment – The Flavorah Challenge



  • Create your best recipe using only Flavorah flavorings. You cannot use sweetener or any other enhancer from other brands
  • You can use alltheflavors.com or e-liquid-recipes.com
  • Put the hashtag #DevelopedFLV on the title, you can use whatever name you want and add the hashtag next to it, for example "Strawberry Donut #DevelopedFLV"
  • Make the recipe public and post it before October 8th
  • Subscribe to our channel and watch our live Assignment show on October 15th 6PM EST on YouTube.com/DevelopedDIY to find out if you won!


  • Flavorah Full Line of Flavorings, including more than 200 flavors in 15ml bottles and valued at more than $1200.00. 
  • The chance of having your recipe in the next Flavorah Recipe Book Volume 3, an incredible opportunity to show your work to the world and stand out as a mixer.

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