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The Assignment: #DEVELOPEDQUAD

It's time for another ASSIGNMENT and we thought we would do something a little weird, but fun.

A few years back Trinities were the big rage. What is a Trinity you might ask? Well, simply put, it's 3 flavorings that create a more complete or better over-all flavor than the individual flavorings alone. These Trinities can then be used as "stones" or bases for other profiles like a plug-n-play layer in recipes. For example: Use a Strawberry Trinity with a cream and create a Strawberry and Cream. You get the picture.

So we thought it might be a fun exercise to add a layer of complexity and do a Quaternity. Yes, that's right...4 flavorings that creates a "stone" or "base" that can be used as a Plug-n-Play layer in recipes.

Your goal, if you choose to accept the challenge, is to create a 4 flavor layer that could be used as a stone or layer. You may add a sweetener, but that will not count as one of the 4 flavorings.

Post your Quaternity on AllTheFlavors.com, E-Liquid-Recipes.com, or VCCalc.VapingCommunity.co.uk and put the hashtag #DevelopedQUAD in the title. You can use whatever name you want but make sure you add the hashtag next to it, for example "Strawberry Donut #DevelopedQUAD".

Make your recipe public and post it before September 14th, 2021. We will then gather all of the recipes, (No need to send them to us) post them on our website, and talk about the entries on our PodCast September 16th.

We hope you will join in on the fun and make the Quaternity the next big thing 😉 .

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