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The Assignment: #DEVELOPEDFLV

We are so happy to be able to bring this Assignment to you! A huge thank you to Flavorah and Bryson for sponsoring this tremendous giveaway.  Flavorah is an avid supporter of the DIY mixing community and we so much appreciate everything they have done, and continue to do for DIYers and the vaping industry.

The challenge was to create an all Flavorah recipe and the mixing community did not let us down!  We received over 50 recipes from mixers from around the world for the chance to win the entire Flavorah line, along with the chance to have their recipe featured in volume 3 of Flavorah's next recipe book.

Thank you to everyone that participated, and again, thank you Flavorah!

We will review some of these recipes on our LIVE Podcast Thursday, Oct. 15th, at 6PM EST, and reveal the winner of the entire Flavorah line!

Recipes are in no particular order:

Tobacco Mint Meltaway by Kurplop

Slobb Nogginz by EyeM2sRus

Glazed Blue Muffin by Corvape

Bloody Hefeweizen by JoeRoots

Holiday Cheer by Rugly

Caramel Apple Pound Cake by Whthek

Pink Lips by Zander

Out Da Oven by Wolf Wheeler

Bacai by Rude Rudi

Autumn Sauce by NonStopMix

Joebacco by Deftohms

Hobbit's Snack by Sebastien

Bangosil by Dampfer78

Burley Dough by Denske

Grapeies by Maralie

I Yam What I Yam by Pi2

Apple Buttery by DJDmix

Cozy Tobacco by Failyx

Fairground Butterscotch Custard Tobacco by DixxieRoo

Blue Berries by BC West

Rosy Sunset by Teezix

Pink Elephant by Sturkrazee

Sticky October by Gradmix2

Guava in Tuscany by Frank Lv3shf

Kentucky Bourbon Tobacco by Flavorah Flav

Tropical Candy Necklace by Darthy

Dark N' Creamy by Danvapes

Cran-Apple Spice Cake by Rum Pirate

Thin Mint Cookie by Dmilin

Hematite Cookie RY4 by Slushy

Rocky's Str-Apple N' Yogurt PC by Rocky 02852

Fruity Cream for Days by Coolloser

Yes, it's a Grapefruit by Steve TC

Cinnamon Pudding by KittyBit

Boysenberry Mojito by Bob Ohms2low

Dirty Girl by DocWatson

Cookie Eggnog by Apathy

Blood Orange and Banana Smoothie by SeanVapes

LemonGum by D@ve

Balerong by Tarax

Bloodyboyz by Saspi

Hipster Breakfast by Jedimind79

Milky TranSeason Tea by D0nc0rl10n3

Guava Lane by Varthaer

Cafe Pastel by Fishaddict420

Raspberry Silky by Dave Flowers

Fiddys Frosted Cinnamon Roll by Fidalgo Vapes

Everlasting Autumn by Dimma

Rich Bloody Roots by Viva Vape

Blackcurrant sweet tea by Amogomez

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