The Assignment: #DEVELOPED2Banger Entries

What a fun ASSIGNMENT! We received over 70 recipes and so many of them look FANTASTIC!

The challenge was to create a 2 flavor recipe that was full in flavor and delicious. In addition to the 2 flavorings, we allowed mixers to use an additive such as sweetener, and or coolant.

The purpose of this challenge was to emphasize the importance of trying to use as few flavorings as possible when creating a profile. Keeping recipes simple can actually make your mixes more vibrant, it creates more contrast between layers, and it is more appealing to other mixers to actually mix your recipes because of it's ease of mixing.

Thank you to everyone that participated!

We will review some of these recipes on our LIVE Podcast Thursday, June 10th, at 6PM EST. All of the mixers that participated in this ASSIGNMENT will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win 2 of DEVELOPED's One Shots, either from our DINER or CRAFTED lines.

Recipes are in no particular order:

Raspberry King Soda by FlavorJaeger -

Simply Blue by JacktheVapor78 -

Panettone by ZiggyWay -

Simple Strawberry Cheesecake by Chudthwack -

Sweet Currant Nut Bread by MikeG -

Bubbas Buck N Ball by BubbasBrewz -

TOC'S by TOC MichelleHughes -

Ginger Soda by Ostropel -

2bang or not 2bang? by Dibbler -

Sourpatch kid by Highjinx -

Lemon Cheesecake by SolteroDIY -

Boysenberry Raspberry Tea by NJFORCEDLIFE77 -

Black cream by Earl -

Lemon Meringue by Breno Serra -

UwU Ice Cream by geostudy -

Spicy Banana V1 by ermoon2 -

MPP Creaming On My Soda by Bob_ohms2low -

Southern Cornbread by Rocky Toony -

Blue by Shiloh -

Grape Pixy Stix by KGB Vaping -

Shapely Pear Apple by Rum Pirate -

Galactic Guava Sunrise Cactus Long Name V1 #4 by DanielTheVapeMan -

Guanabanango Drank by OhmsWattson -

Wild Fish by Crash0verride77 -

Peachy Root by FalloutClown -

Take & bake Cherry pie by Kurplop -

Cherry Limeade by Maralie1184 -


DeepBlue by FoggyBottom -

Brown Eye by Vic -

1-2-3 Cherry Coke by d0nc0rl30n3 -

Raspberry Mocha (The Hint) by stratosphoto -

Barba Azul by Sebastien -

Cookie Dough by Deftohms -

Malibu Rum and Coke by McDuckie -

Apple and raisin strudel by Azzer -

Candied Blueberry Marshmallow by Bitcoin -

Orange Pineapple Soda by CraigM -

Coffee Cannoli by Spinthefastest -

Cassis Lemonade by KrawaCabana -

Pink Wintergreen by dampfer78 -

Whipped Cream and Pear by FrankRizzo81 -

Love Potion No. 9 by SteveTC -

Bactus V2 by RudeRudi -

Peach Double by JOE_ROOTS -

Grape Bubble Gum by NizVapes -

Mango Dust by groceryboy_jr -

Ape El Joose by Darthy -

Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake by Wvance -

Deep Mango Cream by x5W15Hx -

Crispy Custard by feedeere -

LB SB CK IC by R08U57 -

Banging Custard by Slushy -

Caramel Cinnamon Banana Bread by EyeMSam -

Goodness Gracious Guava by LowWattVaperz -

Whippit by Sturkrazee -

Simple chocolate milkshake by falon1000 -

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