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Platinum Blush

This is a collaborative creation by DEVELOPED: NaChef, Max Savage, Graham, Folkart, and Guest, Nick Evans.
Platinum Blush is our take on what a strawberry Nesquik shake should taste like. It has an artificial shake essence to it, making it perfect for those who fell in love with that scrumptious delight. Full flavor notes on DEVELOPED Episode 39 at https://youtu.be/6YDpnKJgUjg .

Our weekly episodes are released at 6:00pm EST every Tuesday, and catch our live shows every Thursday at 6pm EST

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0.5VTLove DIY
1MBPineapple Lassi
1.25WFStrawberry Gummy Candy SC
4MBStrawberry Milk
1CAPSugar Cookie
0.5CAPSuper Sweet

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