Nachef's preferred profiles have an emphasis on fruits. While most combinations of fruit concentrates will work, Nachef proves to push his skills in a fresh and intriguing way best demonstrated in recipes such as his OCD, Joker Reloaded, and Summer Somewhere Else.

Nachef's "white whale" is a true Dulce De Leche. Through his conquest of the profile he has tested many flavor combinations and has used his research to accomplish many other profiles along the way. Though he finds the flavors to be inaccurate to the true Dulce De Leche he loves, he has found countless ways to repurpose them into RY4s, and adding complexity to butterscotches and caramels that are often overlooked.

Nachef is the newest member of Developed. Since adding him to the team, the quality and production has been a main focus. Developed has utilized his problem solving, creativity, and organization in all aspects of production. Whether it's a 4 hour recording session, a 60 hour episode edit, or a 2 second witty comeback, Nachef has proved to be the missing piece to Developed.