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JÄGER Milkshake

Who doesn't love a good black licorice ice cream?.... Folkart! But with that being said, this recipe turned into a chocolatey, creamy, milkshake with something like a Jägermeister drizzled on top. Even Folkart loved it. It's somewhat savory with the saltiness from the WF Salmiak Liquorice (Salty), and gives it a liqueur dessert feel to the over-all profile. This recipe would be great for someone who wants to dip-their-toe into vaping black licorice. It's smooth and refreshing.
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1.00VTChocolate Mousse
1.50VTGolden Syrup
0.50WFSalmiak Liquorice (Salty)
0.50VTVanilla Classic
4.00LBVanilla Ice Cream
1.00TPAVanilla Swirl

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