Graham started mixing in 2013. From there, he decided to make a bigger impact on the DIY mixing scene. He befriended Wayne Walker through the community that Wayne built around his channel DIYORDIE. Wayne eventually approached Graham asking if he would take producer role for his show IN THE MIX. "What people don't understand is that I had a broadcasting background; I knew how to use that influence to enhance a community."

When Graham started vaping in 2013, he started combining what he likes to call,  "pre-made, low quality, gas station e-liquid". He considers that to be his first introduction to DIY, until years later when he purchased flavor concentrates from local B&Ms. Graham's story of mixing is almost the complete opposite from other's; he has only ever purchased one commercial e-liquid. Therefore, he has no reference relating to flavors from finished e-liquid. "I had no grounding when it came to mixing, other than other peoples recipes and Teleos: The Milk."

Graham exceeds in candy profiles. His ability to call back flavors and his experience with them proves to be an asset to Developed. Graham has a specific ability to use certain flavors in unconventional ways. His recipe development is a streamlined approach, using only a few flavors in a mix to create top-tier recipes such as Magma Carter, Tiger's Ex, and Sex On The Beach.

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