Folkart hit the DIY mixing scene in 2015.  His story is like most.  He started mixing for himself to save money and to find that perfect All-Day-Vape.

Like most beginning mixers, he struggled with creating good recipes until he found Wayne Walker's DIY or Die YouTube show.  With the helpful tips that Wayne suggested in his videos and support of generous DIYers, he was able to navigate through the sometimes difficult maze of DIY mixing.

He was fortunate enough to attend a video seminar explaining recipe development  conducted by Wayne Walker.  In this seminar, Wayne explained recipe development in easy to understand concepts and it wasn't long until Folkart took those concepts and began creating recipes that were full flavored and well balanced.

Some of Folkart's recipes have reached a certain level of acclaim, especially his "clone" recipes and his chocolate profiles.  He specializes in desserts, bakeries, custards, and creams, all of which can be found on All The Flavors.

Folkart also created Freedom To Mix, LLC, which is designed to help others discover the art of DIY mixing.  He also offers custom commercial recipe development services to clients as well as licensing his creations.

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