Flavor Review – Hangsen Pumpkin Pie

Hangsen Pumpkin Pie

It's getting close to the holidays and so begins the seasonal mixes.

One of the most popular profiles during this season is pumpkin.  For years we didn't have a good pumpkin flavor to work with until mixers discovered Hangsen Pumpkin Pie.  Now, just going by the name, you might expect this to be a full bodied pumpkin pie with nutmeg, cinnamon, and a crust; it is not.  But rather, it's more of a canned pumpkin you might buy at your local grocery store.  It has no spice, it's watery, and somewhat bland.  But that's the beauty of it!  It's a pumpkin base that you can build around to suit many different profiles.  Just add a custard to it, some type of pastry, a bit of spice, a brown sugar note, and you have a delicious pumpkin pie.

My first experience with this flavor was to try to bend it into a sweet potato pie.  By adding TPA RY4 Double to "cook" the pumpkin and add a brown sugar note, it seemed to bend the pumpkin into the direction of a sweet potato.  In the proceeding months, Flavorah released their Yam, which in my opinion, is the best "sweet potato" flavor on the market, but it's not as versatile as Hangsen Pumpkin Pie.  It's very difficult to use FLV Yam as anything but a sweet potato, but HS Pumpkin Pie can be easily bent into a sweet potato, used as a pumpkin base, or maybe even push it in the direction of a carrot. Thus the versatility of HS Pumpkin Pie.

Most of Hangsen's flavorings are strong and shouldn't go much higher than 1%.  However, HS Pumpkin Pie can be used from 4%-6% in a mix.  I would not suggest using it as a single flavor recipe.

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