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Dulce De Coco | DEVELOPED

This profile was suggested by Nachef,...of course. What we were going for was a Dulce de Leche filled coconut custard pie. And that is exactly what we accomplished, at least by Folkart and MaxSavage's account. Nachef did not agree at all with us. He said he got a "suntan lotion" off note. So, he increased the JF Dulce De Leche to 2.5% and he liked it a bit better, but we seemed to agree that FLV Coconut was probably not the right coconut for him. Perhaps for those that get that "suntan lotion" off note, substituting it for FA coconut might be a better fit. But for the rest of the team, it's perfect! See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/mKjsCb1bOKs .

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1.00FACustard Premium
2.00JFDulce De Leche
1.00MBPalm Coconut
2.25CAPSugar Cookie

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