The challenge was to create a recipe utilizing only the Top 100 DEVELOPED flavorings. The purpose was to help new mixers build a flavor stash with highly useful aromas that could be utilized in many different profiles, and have the community create various recipes that anyone could easily access all in one place.

Below our TOP 100 Flavorings list, you will find all the recipes created by the community.

We will review some of these recipes on our LIVE Podcast Thursday,  December 16th, at 6PM EST.

If you would like to see how we came up with the lists, head over to DEVELOPED's YouTube channel and check out our videos.

You can also see where we buy our flavorings on our Supplies & Gear page.

Thank you to everyone that participated!


Recipes are in no particular order:

PineAppleFritter by doubleyoustew |

Triceratops by Sebastien |

PISNOG by failyx |

Heavy Nog Cream by RumPirate |

Coconut Cream Pie by LonesomeRhodesTN |

RYLux by EyeMSam |

Spiced Eggnog Cookie Custard by Chasing84 |

It’s A Bubble Gum by JOE_ROOTS |

It takes two to mango by SteveTC |

Rio Popsicle by BadLuc |

Citrus Currant Sherbet by LeDiyBR |

Red Mango by capiadiy |

Mango Lassi by Capitalist4life |

Nanaimo Nut Bar by FL_David |

Thicker Than A Snicker by Daytimefrank1 |

Peaches and Cream Knockout by FlavorReviews |

Berriaire by vapenxx |

Nutta Butta by rocky02852 |

RY4 ( Tres Leches) by Slushy |

Charlie Chaplin by FrankRizzo81 |

Apple (McDuckie Improved) Crumble Cheesecake by Ninjaberry-cc |

A Little Limey by feedeere |

Pleasantly Peach by Mixalot |

Cranberry Blissmas by Maralie1184 |

Merry Ginger by Julia Su |

Alfajores (Dulce De Leche Cookies) by McDuckie |

Peanut Baked Cookie by Dibbler |

Happy Cookie by TakeMeToTheSea |

BRazMelon Gummy by Bob_ohms2low |

Lynda’s Signature Flavor by Lynda Marie |

TOC'S Christmas Delight by TOC MichelleHughes |

The Custard by jj |

Fizzy Purple Soda by DMN |

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