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DIY Eliquid Recipes

These DIY Eliquid Recipes are a collaborative creation by DEVELOPED!


Fling yourself back to the 90’s when Seinfeld made PEZ popular again (If you don’t get the reference, you’re either too young, or not a Seinfeld fan). This recipe is… Read More »PEZ

Grape Me

Ok, so this is a weird one. MaxSavage created a recipe using FW Grape Soda, CAP 27 Fish, and FA Fuji to try and mimic a grapple gummy. It was… Read More »Grape Me

Drenched Cookies

MaxSavage was craving some milk and cookies, so how could we not give him what he wanted. However, in DEVELOPED fashion, we wanted to give it a twist; cookies drowned… Read More »Drenched Cookies


This is our Christmas gift to you! We think this is one of the best Eggnog recipes we’ve attempted. It’s super thick, eggy, sweet, with a touch of rum. The… Read More »Eggnog

Pińa Colada Cream Pie

We wanted to create a little something different for Thanksgiving,..I know, we’re a little late, but here is our “Thanksgiving Somewhere Else” recipe created with all Wonder Flavours flavorings. See… Read More »Pińa Colada Cream Pie