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In mid September, 2019, the vaping community was shaken by a Presidential press conference where President Trump announced a proposal to federally ban all non-tobacco flavored e-liquids. Although not in effect as of yet, the repercussions of his statement has devastated the vaping industry. Many States have taken this opportunity to push through their own forms of these types of bans, leaving local vape shops with no recourse but to close their doors.

The results of these heavy-handed moves by our governing bodies will either force people back to combustible tobacco or force vapers to DIY. We hope that the majority will embrace DIY; and with that sentiment, we have compiled a list of beginning mixer's flavors to help the new mixer create their own e-liquids and stay off cigarettes.  All of these flavors can be purchased at Bull City Flavors.

Along with this list, DEVELOPED has created recipes using these flavors to get you started in DIY mixing. You can watch our Beginners Flavors List Episode 1, and DEVELOPED LIVE Beginner Mixer Week on YouTube.  We will be adding to the list and we'll be creating more recipes using these flavorings.

As the list grows, it will become more of a "Flavors that we recommend" list, rather than a "Beginner Flavor" list.  So if you're a new mixer, just remember that the first 20 or so flavors are a great place to start.

If you have any questions or comments, email us at

Beginner Flavor List Recipes

Beginner Flavor List

#VendorFlavorSuggested Percentage
1LBVanilla Ice Cream2-6
2TPAVanilla Swirl0.5-2
3INWYes, We Cheesecake1-4
5TPABavarian Cream1-4
6CAPVanilla Custard V11-8
7TPACheesecake(Graham Crust)1-4
10CAPSugar Cookie1-4
11CAPCereal 270.5-3
12CAPSweet Strawberry2-6
13INWShisha Strawberry0.5-2
18TPABanana Cream1-6
19MBBig Watermelon3-8
20VTPersian Lime1-3
21FWButterscotch Ripple2-8
22CAPSuper Sweet0.25-1
24FLVRich Cinnamon 0.1-0.25
25FLVApple Filling0.5-3
26CAPCinnamon Sugar0.5-2
27FWGraham Cracker0.5-2
30FLVMilk & Honey0.5-2
31TPARY4 Double1-6
33FLVRed Burley0.5-2
34FLVSweet & Smokey0.5-2
35CAP27 Fish2-6
37WFSour Gummy Candy SC1-3
38TPASweet Tea10-12
40VTFizzy Sherbet0.5-2
43TPASweet & Tart0.5-1.5

Vendor Abbreviations

TFA, TPAThe Flavor Apprentice - Perfumer's Apprentice
FEFlavors Express
FWFlavor West
VTVape Train
WFWonder Flavours

18 thoughts on “Beginner Flavor List”

  1. any chance you can include how to use flavors as in what is used for and % suggested like how they can change a mix
    thanks kev
    ps by the way your show is really helpful and this page will be exelcent to use when done

  2. I wish I had this list when I started mixing. It’s a great show fellas. I really enjoy thinking of flavors and percents as you guys are developing the recipe, it’s a lot of fun. You guys crack me up.

  3. I just tried to place an order with Bull City Flavors and they wont ship to me in Washington State. I didn’t order anything related to vaping. Just food flavors. Flavorah won’t ship to me either. This can’t be right? people use food flavorings all the time. Evidently the flavor ban is for cooks too? This is just wrong. can’t diy.

    1. This State by State flavor ban is bullshit and I would bet money on it that the courts will eventually over turn it. Just hang in there.

    2. Hi. I live in NJ and staring at a flavor ban as well. What ever became of your problem regarding bull city not shipping to you? What happened and how did you get that resolved?

  4. Just started tuning in about a week ago and by far my favorite YT and podcast on my way into work. Have learned a ton. Thank you for your time helping the community, means a ton. The insight you guys provide is 1st class!!!

  5. ok…took a deep breath and tried to think hard about the who, what and why of my refused orders of a legal product, made changes, tried again and my order arrived yesterday! I I dont know HOW to use .1% when each ml equals 1% on my LB labels. The only brand that had the recommended starting amount on the label was LB. I have no clue what ratios to use them at, and my trial recipes taste like it. I’m not discouraged tho! I figured out how to order these flavors… I WILL find information on how they work in a recipe! ? ? God Bless all of you in the diy community! The info I find is from content all of y’all have put up! ? A FABULOUS reference library, spread far, and wide was waiting for us! Wow! Thank you for all the help!

    1. Hi Maschelle, are you using scales to mix? Do you use a mixing calculator? If not, you should, it makes it so much easier. If you need help getting started, you can chat with mixers on our Discord chat. People are very helpful there. Just go to . I hope that helps.

      1. I’m not in a position to use scales.. so going by percentages for the time being. LB has them marked on their labels. my kitchen table will by put together by Christmas and THEN I will use scales. I am looking forward to it too!

  6. Really cool website. Love the show and learn a lot from watching you all collaborate. Keep up the great work you’re doing for the vaping community!

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