DEVELOPED brings together the best and brightest in the DIY community to deliver quality content that both educates and entertains.

Each mixer contributes their individual unique skills as a mixer and their personalities, making DEVELOPED an excellent resource for mixers at all levels.  Whether you're a beginning mixer, or experienced DIYer, you'll be able to glean useful knowledge that's easy to digest and be entertained in the process.

As a team, we specialize in every profile possible, ranging from desserts, tobaccos, fruits, and beyond.  We work closely with industry leaders to create full flavored, delicious recipes to offer their customers, while also offering public recipes for the DIY community to mix and enjoy.


Nachef's preferred profiles have an emphasis on fruits. While most combinations of fruit concentrates will work, Nachef proves to push his skills in a fresh and intriguing way best demonstrated in recipes such as his OCD, Joker Reloaded, and Summer Somewhere Else.

Nachef's "white whale" is a true Dulce De Leche. Through his conquest of the profile he has tested many flavor combinations and has used his research to accomplish many other profiles along the way. Though he finds the flavors to be inaccurate to the true Dulce De Leche he loves, he has found countless ways to repurpose them into RY4s, and adding complexity to butterscotches and caramels that are often overlooked.

Nachef is the newest member of Developed. Since adding him to the team, the quality and production has been a main focus. Developed has utilized his problem solving, creativity, and organization in all aspects of production. Whether it's a 4 hour recording session, a 60 hour episode edit, or a 2 second witty comeback, Nachef has proved to be the missing piece to Developed.

Max Savage quit smoking cigarettes in 2016. 3 months into vaping, he started making his own e-liquid. When he first started vaping, he was excited about how many flavors and profiles were on the market and thought it was crazy how someone could replicate those flavors in an e-liquid. So after a few months, Max decided to look into how these profiles were produced and found out how to mix his own creations with the help of forums and online videos. "I thought you needed a lab. I thought you needed to buy certain compounds and have some kind of chemistry degree to know how to create these flavors. I didn't think you could just buy a bottle that said 'ice cream' on it."

Max credits his ability to craft recipes from his time spent in the culinary industry working as a chef. He loved the creative aspect of crafting interesting new flavors in his dishes. His background in the kitchen carried over to mixing, helping him understand the technical and creative process of using different flavors, their notes and behaviors in a mix, to achieve a profile. Max's ability to find certain notes in concentrates and repurpose them in a recipe is truly innovative as shown in recipes like Gatsby, Golden Boy, and All Day.

His deep involvement in the mixing community gave him a strong base to build his career. From the development of tobacco recipes that inspired hundreds of other mixes and techniques, to his commercial work all around the world, he has become one of the most respected mixers and a fundamental pillar to Developed.


Folkart's recipe development showcases his attention to detail and complete accuracy to a profile. He is known as "one of the best mixers in the game." Folkart has a real no quit attitude when it comes to mixing, cracking some of the most difficult and seemingly impossible profiles. His obsession to crack the code on specific profiles and cloning commercial e-liquid shows his dedication to accuracy.

Folkart considers his expertise to be in desserts, bakeries, custards, but most of all chocolate profiles, all of which can be found on All The Flavors.

Folkart also created Freedom To Mix, LLC, which is designed to help others discover the art of DIY mixing.  He also offers custom commercial recipe development services to clients as well as licensing his creations.