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Blind Remix – Taruto By Yami Vapor (5/30/2020) - This recipe was featured on DEVELOPED LIVE: Blind Remix Ep.2. Full recipe notes at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6lbDGKduU8… read more
Passionate Tea (5/26/2020) - DEVELOPED Episodes are back! On this episode we tackle a type of Arnold Palmer but… read more
Bourbon Custard #TPACHALLENGE (5/1/2020) - This recipe was created on our Interactive Mixing podcast but only using TPA flavorings. With… read more

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The Assignment – #TPACHALLENGE (5/6/2020) - This weeks Assignment was the #TPAChallenge.  The goal was to make an all TPA recipe… read more
Cooling Agents (3/31/2020) - Introduction Even though I am not a big fan of the use of them in… read more
The Tobacco Rabbit Hole (2/10/2020) - Alright, alright, alright.. tobaccos. They aren't for everybody and I, like many others, avoided the… read more

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