You've tuned in live, viewed our episodes, and pounded the keyboard watching our recipe development process.  All of the work, all of the edits, all of the profiles have culminated into this; our Developed Legacy line.

We have reformulated some of our most popular profiles featured on Developed to offer to you as a single flavor concentrate line. These easy to mix aromas are designed to give you the full flavor experience of our recipes at an affordable cost, so you too can be part of our Legacy.

Syrupy peach slushie, with a slightly effervescent finish. A sweet and refreshing experience.

Soft, chewy peanut butter cookie finished with a mild tobacco leaf. The perfect balance for a dessert tobacco.

The perfect combination of thick custard and buttered toffee. The rich and smooth elegance of a classic.

Dense funfetti cake batter, deep fried, and generously covered in buttercream frosting. A celebration for your taste buds.


our philosophy

We believe collaboration, experimentation, and dedication, is key to developing well-crafted e-liquid recipes. Our team not only believes this, we show these tenants in every YouTube LIVE show and episode. We take our roles as mixers very seriously, while keeping you engaged and entertained.

Recipe development

Our commercial recipe development team strives to create custom recipes that both satisfies and exceeds companies expectations. Whether it's an e-liquid line, one shot range, or layer, we are here to expedite the recipe development process.  Click HERE to learn more.

the community

We value the DIY mixing community. We have benefited tremendously from trail-blazers like Wayne Walker of DIY OR DIE, Fresh03, and many more, who helped lay the groundwork for this hobby and industry. Now we want to give back through our shows and public recipes...enjoy!


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